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Zermatt – The Skier’s Paradise in the Magical Winter written by: rinabanik

Zermatt – The Skier’s Paradise in the Magical Winter written by: rinabanik

If you are planning to have an adventurous holiday this time then you should try some skiing. Well, this is one of the most celebrated adventurous sports in the whole world. Zermatt in Switzerland is one of the skiing hotspots of the world because of its location and the type of snowfall it gets every year. Located at the heart of the Alps and 280 kilometres away from Zurich this small town provides you with the best skiing experience. One of the unique features of this city is that it is completely traffic-free. No private or public transports are allowed in the city makes it one of the cleanliest places in the world in terms of pollutions. The city is renowned to provide the best resort on the beautiful and picturesque Swiss village.

Glide in the slivery snow and make it a memory

When you are thinking of trying out some skiing then the best time to visit this place are the winter months, especially from January to March. The whole glacier becomes white with thick snow ideal for skiers. Professional as well as amateur skiers from all parts of the world visit Zermatt for the best skiing experience. If you are trying it out for the first time, then you can have the facility of learning it too. Surrounded by the peaks of the Alps, the valley looks absolutely magical. It is also a very safe place for skiing and that is why hundreds of amateur skiers come to try their hands at the sport every year.

Get to know one of the picturesque Swiss villages

When you plan for a skiing holidays you would need to reach Matterhorn which is situated at the foot of Zermatt. This is basically a small Swiss village with the most beautiful view around. The town is the hub for all the tourists who have come for skiing on the mountains. You can get wonderful and luxurious resorts like Monte Cervino having great ambience and nice restaurants that serves Swiss and French food. Beautiful horse carriages can take you around the town and through the icy paths of the village. You can take a short hike to the mountains and take occasional break at a village restaurant while it’s snowing. Indulge yourself in the snowy romantic weather of the place while you take a view of the whole panorama riding on a cable car. Matterhorn gives you a lot more to cherish and enjoy.

Gliding on the glacier of the Alps will truly be an experience of lifetime. Get the best of the nature’s beauty while you are planning your holidays at Zermatt. It is going to steal your heart and make you come back for more and more. When you are booking accommodations, make sure that you book a room at the Mount Cervino to have the best hospitality and also get a great view of the panorama all around you. Make the most of it while you are visiting this Swiss village in the middle of the Alps.

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