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Touristic Places Near Geneva city written by: rinabanik

Touristic Places Near Geneva city written by: rinabanik

Geneva, situated near the banks of the Lake Geneva, is one of the stunningly beautiful cities of Europe that are an adventure hub for several explorers. Regardless of what adventure you prefer, be it biking, hiking, skiing or paragliding, the touristic attractions around Geneva has got them all. Yes, these  places offers several types of winter sports. Want to know what are these amazing touristic places around Geneva? Here I am sharing the list as per my own tour itinerary:


Chamonix entered the history books in the first Winter Olympics which was held in the year 1924. This French town became the sports paradise for the entire sport lovers. When I visited this place, all I could see was enthusiasts mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking, trail running and wing suit flying. Mont Blanc was right there, the largest mountain in the whole of Western Europe that looked sensational in its white cape. It was a brilliant experience to go paragliding as I had never done that before. Besides that the spectacular view of the scenery was something that I truly captured in my memory to remember for my lifetime. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or an admiring spectator, this place is surely going to impress you.

Les Diablerates

Les Diablerets is an adventure sports center in the Lake Geneva region at an altitude of 1200 meters. Amidst the glacier mountains, skiing at your heart’s glory is the best thing you will ever give yourself. The resort has got over 23 lifts that make it possible for the skiers to ski beautifully in the region. With a high speed quad followed by a slow chair gets linked to the Villars area by leading up the red runs of the Meilleret. The gondola in the town took me to the Isenau, a mixture of blue and red that was served by the draglifts. Again from Isenau there is a red run to Col du Pillon and a cable car to make the experience a possibility. Conbe d’Audon is a comparatively quiet beautiful run away from the lifts with wonderful cliffs rising from the sides.


The Gstaad in the Bernese Oberland is a great attraction driving visitors from all across the world. The chalet village is said to be a celebrity hangout place welcoming the famous guests. Also, the neighboring villages are a great option for families with children who can spend quality time there. The shopping mile is extravagant too and that was a place I was completely thrilled to go out. It turned out to be awesome than what I had expected.

Saas fee

I love skiing and that was the sole reason why I chose to visit Geneva. The Saas valley gave rise to four villages, Saas fee being the famous one out of all. It is also known as ‘The pearl of the Alps’ located on the breathtaking altitude of 1800 meters right above sea level. The place is simply dramatic and is a challenging spot for all the adventure enthusiasts. It’s called the Mecca for the skiers and the boarders.

My tour to Switzerland would have been incomplete if I had not been to the best touristic places around Geneva. The sheer white capped mountains, the favorable soothing weather; the glory of adventure sports together makes the touristic places a package that you definitely should not miss. I had the time of my life out here. Are you ready for yours?

About the author
Rina is a veteran writer by profession and a travel enthusiast by passion. She likes to explore and experience every bit of travelling and has visited many places across the globe. She likes to share her experiences to the enthusiastic travelers as she believes sharing will not only guide and open doors for them but will also enrich her experiences as well.

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