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The Enigmatic and Enticing Rhine Falls of Switzerland written by: rinabanik

The Enigmatic and Enticing Rhine Falls of Switzerland written by: rinabanik

Located in the picturesque Switzerland, Rhine Falls is one of the most enticing places that you can visit. This fall happens to be the largest waterfall on the plains of Europe stretching up to 450 feet in width and 75 feet in height. Given its massive stretch this waterfall on the High Rhine gets thousands of tourists every year. So, if you are visiting Northern Switzerland this time make sure that you keep this place on your travel itinerary. However before you visit the place let us give you insights on what you get to see at the falls and how you reach there.

How to reach?

Situated on the northern part of Switzerland, the Rhine falls can be seen from the town of Schaffhausen. Since it is a small town you would need to travel by bus or car to get to there. You can also avail a train that runs out of the town to the fall. Travellers visiting from other countries of Europe or UK should take a flight to the nearest airport of Zurich which is 16 miles away from it. You can get hired cars, cabs and buses to get to the town. You would need to check into a hotel or a motel in Schaffhausen as there would not be much possibility getting a place to stay when you leave the town. The journey of 16 miles through the beautiful Alps will take your breath away.

Visiting the waterfall… What are the attractions?

When you are visiting the plain waterfall in Neuhausen am Rheinfall there are plenty of things you can do. The major attraction of this tourist spot is its boat ride. The boat trips are really exciting and once you get there you can hire a boat ride that will give you different types of trip. This includes:

  • – A round trip in the waterfall
  • – Just a trip to the rock and back
  • – A leisurely cruise to the Rheinau

You can take all three or just one according to your wish. You can also get a chartered or a scheduled boat and take a cruise along the beautiful scenery of the Rhine valley in Schiffmändli. Refreshments and drinks are often served on these boat rides. If you wish to see and experience the gushing waterfall up and close then you should take the Rhyfall-Mändli boat ride. This ride will take up near the basin of the plain waterfall from where you can climb up the rock. Do not forget to enjoy the magical and enigmatic fireworks in the evening on the Neuhausen am Rheinfall as well as the illusory spectacle of the fall in the dusk where the show of sound and light begins every evening.

More attractions…

Visiting Schaffhausen is a wonderful experience. Surrounded by the towering Alps this small and peaceful town is home for around 35 thousand people. While visiting the fall take a look around this old town and its quaint churches and streets. Get to know the culture and cuisine of the Swiss in this very own style. Have a wonderful and a memorable trip!

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