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With extensive experience as a lawyer on the Geneva site and having the advantage of working only with the firm founded in 1992, Master Karin Baertschi addresses itself directly all the files entrusted. It maintains a relationship of trust with its clients, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality and always seeking legal solution that defends their best interests…………………


Civil right:

Family law: divorce, separation, protective measures of the conjugal union, establish parentage;
Succession Law: liquidation proceedings of an estate, shares of estate assets;
Right of guardianship, trusteeship, financial management mandates pupillary assets, protecting the interests of pupils.

Other rights:

Right in the neighborhood: excessive noise, damage to property, undue interference;
Contract law: lease, movable and immovable sale, discount business, mandate (malpractice), work (dismissal, mobbing, employer’s liability in the context of a work accident);
Administrative Law: Challenges unfounded decisions of the administrative authorities (residence permits, abuse of power, license retirement);
Right road traffic: accidents with bodily harm (financial and moral damage), administrative offenses;
Social insurance law: Disputes with the AI, SUVA / CNA, LPP (disability pensions);
Law proceedings: debt collection, receivers; You encounter a legal problem? Master Karin Baertschi willingly studying your case you can submit by phone or email.



Notre adresse:

41 Rue du 31-Décembre, 1207 Genève

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