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Enjoy a Day with the Most Exotic and Magnificent Animals at the Zoo de Servion written by: rinabanik

Enjoy a Day with the Most Exotic and Magnificent Animals at the Zoo de Servion written by: rinabanik

When you have a family with kids, you keep find for more and more fun moments that will makes your kids happy. Especially it becomes essential when the kids are enjoying their vacation from school. They need more than just a family picnic or a movie. SO why not take them to a place where they can have lots of fun and also learn something about the nature they are living in? Yes, going to a zoo has always been very exciting. Although it is not a new concept, but rarely there would a kid who would not want to visit a zoo. So this time plan a zoo trip to one of the best zoos of the world, Zoo de Servion.

Going to the zoo…

If you are Lausanne, or Les Cullayes in the district Lavaux – Oron of Vaud in Switzerland, then the zoo would not be very far away. You can make a day’s trip to visit the zoo and come back. However because of its huge area it is not possible to cover the whole zoo in a day. So you can make it a weekend trip to this amazing zoo de Servion. This zoo is an important part of tourism in Switzerland and thousands of tourists from all parts of the world come to this place to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the animals that live there. It would surely be a lot of fun going to the zoo on this vacation.

What do you get to see?

This zoo is home to some of the most rare and exotic animals from all around the world. From the most elusive polar bears to the greatly endangered macaws, you can get to see different animals up and close in this extraordinary zoo. One of the best things about it is that the zoo is open throughout the year. So you can plan your trip anytime of the year. Some of the eclectic animals that you get to see are:

  • Grizzly Bears
  • Pumas
  • Bisons
  • Corsican mouflons
  • Tibetan goats,
  • Different types of antelopes
  • Llamas
  • Snow leopard
  • Clouded leopards

The zoo is famous for its exotic and interesting animals rather than the most popular elephants and lions. S if you are not visiting it, you are surely missing something. Apart from these the zoo also has a children play area and a nice cafeteria as well as a picnic spot for families. The kids can enjoy playing and having a nice little picnic being surrounded by some of the most unusual animals from all around the world.

Other attractions…

One of the major attractions apart from the zoo is the Tropiquarium de Servion. This unique tropical aquarium is located near Les Cullayes in Vaud a small canton in Switzerland. These are two separate attractions located near to each other. Different kinds of reptiles, penguins and birds from the tropical regions of the world can be seen in the Tropiquarium de Servion. This is also open throughout the year from 9am to 6pm. A nice and cosy cafeteria within the aquarium site is a great way to relax and get some sumptuous bites.

The fun never stops at these two places. When you are with your family and friends it just doubles up. So enjoy a fully satisfying trip to zoo and the aquarium and get to see the most wonderful creations of nature.


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