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Visiting the Canton of Fribourg: A Memory worth of a Lifetime written by: rinabanik

Visiting the Canton of Fribourg: A Memory worth of a Lifetime written by: rinabanik

Life can be really stressful at times and it can be just one of the many reasons that make you run away for a short while. Well, it does make you feel good when you just pack your bags and get set on your journey to a beautiful land away from the stress and anxieties of daily life. I happen to be a traveller who just needs one reason to say “get, set and go” and I am on my way to a new land. So, when this time it got too much with the work pressure I made up mind to have a trip to the heaven and get back. And yes, I am not joking. I head off to Switzerland – Paradise you can say.

Remember… You do not travel to escape life, but that life does not escape you.

This time, I chose to visit the Canton of Fribourg, an idyllic place to be in when you want a stress-free zone. Located in the west of Switzerland Fribourg city happens to be the capital of the Swiss Canton. Once I was there I planned to visit the entire nearby town which are just unexplainably beautiful. Here are the places near this medieval city where I went and was simply thrilled by the picaresque natural beauty.

Charmey – The charmingly beautiful Charmey was once the municipality of the Canton of Fribourg. It was quite late in the evening when I reached there. I was on a budget trip so I booked a small room in a motel just by the hills. The nest morning it was just blissfully wonderful. I was surely in heaven. I simply enjoyed hiking up the mountains and mountain biking while I was here.

Fribourg city – This Canton of Switzerland has an old world charm. I reached Fribourg tourist destination and made it my base to travel to other places. I wondered along the streets of Fribourg and watched the river passing slowly on its own. The place has a timelessness that really captivated me. I could get to see some of the 15th century Gothic structures that have been preserved beautifully. This quite city atop the Alps gives you a sense of peace and tranquillity with the church bells ringing at the distant hill.

Bulle – The city of Bulle gave me an insight into the life of the Swiss. This administrative capital is a busy city and it is also famous for its agricultural lands. I was quite pleased to find various shops selling nice mementos and gifts for keepsake. I visited the Gruyère Regional Museum where I could get a glimpse of the traditional clothes and articles of the past eras.

Estavayer le lac – What can I say about this absolutely historical town? Well, it reminded me of the medieval era when it was colonised by the Romans. This medieval town has all the charms that we find in a history book. It just came alive in front of me. But there are various activities that you can do when you are in this quite town.

Le Gruyere – Famous for its cheese Le Gruyere is the most important place from where we get to taste the delicious and smooth cheese. I visited this town only for one purpose and that was to visit a cheese factory and I did. Can you believe it takes 40 litres of milk to make just one wheel of cheese? Yes, I couldn’t believe my eyes and it was certainly an experience of a lifetime for me.

Cailler chocolate factory – After I had some fill with the cheese I went to see the famous chocolate factory of Switzerland in Cailler. It was a wonderful experience to watch the chocolates in making, this was a guided tour and as a tourist I was also given a few chocolate samples to taste. And of course, I bought a couple of boxes for my personal use.

Chateau d’Oex – This was my last place to visit on this trip. It lies on top of the Alps and is famous for its ski resorts during the winters. In the summers when I went the city was mesmerizingly beautiful with lush greenery everywhere.

I must suggest you to visit these wonderful places while being in the Canton Fribourg. What you will get back with yourself is bagful of enchanting memories that you can cherish for a life-time. So, pack your bags, and set off for a mind-blowing experience!


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