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Neuchâtel– The Swiss City with a Unique Ancient Charm! written by: rinabanik

Neuchâtel– The Swiss City with a Unique Ancient Charm! written by: rinabanik

Are you a travel enthusiast planning to head towards the heavenly Neuchâtel in Swiss and want to get some quick information and personal tips? Well, then you are in the right place! Neuchâtel is the capital of the same name canton which later became a part of the famous Swiss Confederation. Situated 46 kilometres west of Bern and about 30 kilometres south west of Biel, the city has got a lot of ancient, architectural and wonderful things to offer. Need proof? Here’s my great experience of visiting Neuchatel:

Ferry ride

So after I was done with my brunch in one of local restaurants in Neuchâtel, I thought of heading towards the lake to set off on a boat journey. There was a boat that was ready to leave the port. I immediately got up on it or else I would have missed out on the wonderful glimpse of the town and greenery. The lake looked crystal clear and so did the waves of the lake looked beautiful from the ferry ride. It took only an hour to reach to Vully from Murten by a ferry ride to witness the wine growing region. The boat also took the canals on the way from Neuchâtel and Morat/Murten back and forth.

The Collegiale Church

The medieval old church dated 12th century is one of the touristic attractions that look somewhat like a castle. You will be stunned by the beautiful architectural heritage of the church that has got a south tower clock, a spire and the north tower. I went for a climb up the Collégiale, took a stroll in the wide boulevards, narrow lanes and so on. No matter how much you would want to roam here and there, once you enter the cathedral, the soulful spirit of yours would make you want to stay a little longer in the God’s home.

Observatoire Cantonal de Neuchâtel

The Neuchâtel observatory was a fantastic experience as it not just boasted of the astronomical observations made but also showcased the atomic clock works. The amazing part of the observatory is the telescope that is used in a creative historical fashion by the astronomers and the calibration is done with the help of the atomic clocks.

Lake Neuchâtel

This so-called lake in Romandy which looks like a sea is one of the key attractions that tourists like us cannot afford to skip. Lying in the canton of Neuchâtel and shared by the cantons of Vaud, Fribourg and Bern, this lake has got a surface of 218.3 km2. Well, it is one of the largest lakes in Switzerland and the 59th largest in Europe. To add more to the statistics of the lake Neuchatel, it is said to be 38.3 km long, 8.2 km wide with a surface which is 429 m above sea-level and a maximum depth of 152 m.

The Old Town

The Old Town is a place for discovery as you will get engaged in the maze of narrow streets and the beautiful alleyways. The city will not fail to surprise you with the vestiges of the past. The streets have got the cobblestone look attached to itself and walking on those pavements is truly going to give you a royal ancient feeling. Some of the major attractions that the Old Town offers are Hotel DuPeyrou, the Place des Halles, the town hall and the Collegiale Church.

The city of Neuchâtel is packed with a lot of activities and attractions for the tourists within its city limits such as the above mentioned sites. Be it a panoramic view of the city, the Old Town or the lake view from the medieval castle, Neuchatel has got a different charm overall. Once you decide to visit Neuchatel, don’t even dare to bunk the idea. It’s a fabulous idea of visiting Neuchatel which is going to bring a million dollar smile on your face. I had a great experience. Are you ready for yours?

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