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Montruex – Unveil the Beauty of Montreux with Your Presence written by: rinabanik

Montruex – Unveil the Beauty of Montreux with Your Presence written by: rinabanik

Have you seen paradise? Well, I did. It’s Montreux. This mesmerizing city has successfully attracted over thousands of people from different genres such as artists, travellers, men of letters and many others on a quest for peace, inspiration and serenity. Situated in Europe, this city has offered a lot more than just a place to live in for well-renowned personality such as Charlie Chaplin, provide a backdrop for the Freddie Mercury album ‘Made in Heaven’ and been a life longing experience for several residents of Montreux. Have a peek into my experiences in Montruex here:

International jazz festival

I went to Montreux during early July, an apt time to watch out for the biggest international jazz festival of Montreux live which runs for two weeks. It features top artists from worldwide such as Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy, B.B King, REM, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Prince and several others especially on the two stages in the Congress Center and Casino. It is said people come from all over the world to witness this 1967 old Jazz Festival that has been going on since then and has proved to be a dream come true for music lovers. It did for me atleast! The ticket prices are whopping high from 65F to 300F.

Tourist attractions

Chateau de Chillon:

The Castle of Chillon, also known as château de chillon is one of the remarkable historically monuments in Switzerland was a breathtaking sight for me. Believe me, this 13th century old foundation still stands strong along the shores of Lake Geneva, that once used to be the home to Counts of Savoy who were incharge of controlling the passage along the lake. Not just the Savoys, but also emperors, princesses and popes have stayed in the castle once.


Vevey, a city exactly 15 minutes from Montreux is known for its old museums and historical monuments that boosts of its rich heritage. The medieval buildings, variety of boutiques and several craftsmen is what makes the paved streets of Vevey, a truly magnificent city. Grande Place is said to be the heart of the city, but it also stole my heart with the impeccable variety of things available in the market. Though, remember that it is open only on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. The exciting part of this town is the Alimentarium that left me with a gastronomical food adventure to remember for a lifetime.

Residence of Charli Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin bought the Manoir de Ban in the year 1952, December 31st as he had fallen deeply in love with the countryside, with the quietness and the serenity of the place. He lived in this manor for about 25 years and spent quite a lot of happy times with his family. The residence is now a tourist attraction on the banks of Lake Geneva.

Beauty of promenade

In Lausanne, there is a lakeside neighbourhood of Ouchy, where I saw a glorious sight of beautifully arranged lines of promenade between the ports, both old and new. It stretches right from the old habour of Lausanne till Port d’Ouchy. You can also see them running east to the Haldimand Tower and to the Parc Denantou. You are bound to get mesmerized by the vibrant promenade along the sea of Montreux that will refresh you all over again.

Be it the climate, the beauty, the surrounding mountains, or the sunsets, you just can’t give Montreux a miss when you are on a Europe tour. You are bound to have a pleasant and inspiring stay at Montreux when the heavens will leave you in awe!


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