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The little haven set under beautiful Alps. The Montreux. Switzerland has never failed to amuse people for its preserved beauties in art and nature and considering that Montreux is just a little place in the Swiss land, it has a lot to offer to people until this present time and it is considered now as an international city.

Montreux is the destination for jazz lovers every July of the year. Why? Because it is where the Jazz festival is held annually. The Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the most anticipated music festivals every year that is why it has become a tourist are every year. Montreux is one of the beautiful places that can be found on the shoreline of Lake Geneva and lies at the foot of the Alps which is just a perfect ambiance for some of the world’s best jazz music. This has been running for already 50 years and people and artists from around the world would travel that far just to be there and enjoy what their senses would love.

The beautiful town of Vevey is just a stone’s throw from Montreux is also one of the great sceneries that people would flock in. it has been dubbed as one of the ““Pearls of the Swiss Riviera”. The lakeside view of this town is as beautiful as listening to the soul-touching jazz music every year during the festival. The Sea of Montreux is a scenic beauty that people can lose themselves. The beautiful stretch of the sea is breathtaking and you get to appreciate it for its calm and serene feel while you get to see some of the most beautiful flowers. Not to mention the promenade along the sea which is rich in culture and you get to experience how simple and lavish living nearby this place.

To get a better grasp on a trip to Montreux, you also get to witness the Chillon Castle or locally known as the Château de Chillon. You get to enjoy the Swiss heritage when you visit and stay in this lovely preserved tourist attraction. Get to experience living like a king or queen for even just a few days when you get yourself inside the Château de Chillon. It is very rich in Swiss history and culture and you should ever miss out on this opportunity.

To date back in history, this has been the destination for the royalties from the middle east. You would be able to see a grand display of what has been preserved for over centuries by the locals and right now enjoyed from people from all over the world. Nature is at its best when you visit these places as one of your itineraries during your trip to the Montreux.

Forget all those big city destinations and consider coming to Montreux, Switzerland. The beauty that it offers you is unimaginable and you will never get it from visiting crowded cities that look the same from each other. Get you and your passport ready as you visit a little piece of a timeless haven.


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