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Lausanne – The Heavenly City of Bliss and Cultural Heritage! written by: rinabanik

Lausanne – The Heavenly City of Bliss and Cultural Heritage! written by: rinabanik

The city of Lausanne, a city of Europe with an enticing view of the Lake Geneva and the Alps has got its own charm overall. Belonging to the same canton vaud as Montreux and Vevey, this city experiences a mild climate, with cold winters and warm summers. You know what makes this city Lausanne – The Heavenly City of Bliss and Cultural Heritage! or different? Its special haute cuisine, lively musical programs, Swiss wine and the enthralling night life makes this city rich in diversity. I was spell-bound when I first visited Lausanne and would like to share my experiences with you here so that you can get inspired to set on a delightful journey of Lausanne:

Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Cathedrals are beautiful! But when I entered the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, I was blown away by the elegance and grace of this medieval cathedral. You will find intricately painted and sculpted stone sculptures. To the right of the cathedral, there is a Chapel of St.James, in the south transept, there are vibrant coloured stained glass windows and underneath the windows, there is the Apostles Doorway stone sculptures preserved there. The medieval cathedral of Lausanne has a huge aisle with carved choir stalls and some Gothic ones. This place of history is truly a remarkable place to go to if you are in Lausanne.

Olympic Museum

Known as an Olympics city, Lausanne boosts of its values of Olympics. It’s not just a museum of artifacts and history preserved but a museum with a display of the overall game history, that started right back in the ancient Greece to the recent times. I was quite amazed to see that the museum displayed all the Olympics torches, posters, clothing and equipment used by the Olympians. In simple words, the museum is going to relive the grand history of games, from how it evolved to how fashionable and fascinating it is now. It overlooks the Lake Geneva and is seen to be upgraded with numerous art themes and sculptures in the manicured grounds too.


In Lausanne, you can take out some time and hang out in Ouchy. Trust me it’s worth taking some time out to explore and experience the beauty of Ouchy. People come here to spend some time with their loved ones or with themselves by having an ice cream along the Lake Geneva’s shore, by swimming, paddling and by enjoying a delicacy that is worth appreciating at the Crêperie d’Ouchy.

St. Francois Church

Well, I couldn’t afford to miss paying a visit to the church of Lausanne, the Franciscan church of St.-François. It is the 13th century old church with a tower built in 1523. What a masterpiece that still stands strong! This church has got a historic element attached to its windows of the choir which dates from 1907. It is said that there was a time when the interior of the church was exposed to its imagery during the Protestant Reformation. But nonetheless, all we tourists care about is how it is a treat to the eyes.

Overloaded with history, culture, ethics and morals, this city is a complete package of surprise. Though there are several markets where you could find anything and everything that you would treasure, experiencing the royal heritage is a different level of fun overall. This Olympic city that says it’s the best when it comes to sports, is truly a place to visit. If you are in Europe, can you give this city a miss? Well, no. You shouldn’t. Pack your bags today and head out to relive history.


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