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Enjoy a Vacation of a Lifetime with an Exhilarating Experience in Geneva written by: Dotie

Enjoy a Vacation of a Lifetime with an Exhilarating Experience in Geneva written by: Dotie

Situated at the farthest western part of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) and very close to the French border, Geneva boasts of a cosmopolitan environment and international flavor as the city is the seat of 200 NGOs. Among the notable international organizations that pay their homage to Geneva include Red cross (founded in 1865 in Geneva) and the U.N (Headquartered in the city between 1920 and 1946). Geneva is largely surrounded by France with only a narrow land strip connecting the city with the rest of Switzerland. Geneva is a very attractive city with lots to offer to tourists from parts to ancient history and limitless recreational experiences. Some of the things to do while visiting the city include:

Cathedral of Saint-Pierre

The history of this Romanseque church dates back to 1150 when the temple was the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre. The temple also doubles as the highest point of the old town and features Gothic elements within its premises. For Christians, the church has some important aspects of history as it was changed to a protestant church during the popular Protestant Reformation. John Calvin was a regular preacher in the church in the years between 1536 and 1564. There are two principal towers that date back to the 13th century but were never completed. Tourists can climb on top of one of these towers and enjoy a magical view of the town and lake. The galleried nave in the austere interior is uniquely harmonious with the architecture of the building.

Jet d’Eau – Water jet

Beside Geneva harbor’s breakwater enclosing, there is a mighty water jet (Jet d’Eau) that soars from the lake and plumes 145 meters into the atmosphere above the lake. The water jet has over the years become an iconic symbol of the city and is also Geneva’s most famous landmark. Water is propelled at an approximate rate of 500 liters per second by a powerful pump thereby accounting for the high height reached by the water. The best place to view the water jet is at Bains de Paquis- a favorite spot for most locals for enjoying a sauna, a swim or mouthwatering bites from a café.

Place du Bourg-de-Four

Located in the heart of the Old Town, in close proximity to Temple de Saint-Pierre, Place du Bourg-de-Four is a charming public square. The square is possibly the oldest public square in Geneva and has a well founded history from the 16th Century when it was used by exiled Protestants to find shelter and refuge. In present times, the locals and tourists find refuge in the classic restaurants and cafes in the square. There is a Clementine statue built by Heinz Schwarz that stands in the middle of the square and was built back in the 18th Century.

Musee d’Art et d’Histoire- Museum of art and history

Musee d’Art et d’Histoie is one the largest museums in Geneva. The museum owes its incredible collections to combination and merger of small regional museums as well as contributions from private collectors. There is a large collection of weapons, archaeological art, Greek & Roman art treasures, Etruscan and Roman pottery, Egyptian funerary art, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern antiquities.

The attraction sites and things to do in Geneva are non-exhaustive. There is everything for all tourists including children, the elderly, art lovers, water sport lovers, and adventurers.


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