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What is an online business directory and its advantage?

Our online business directory is the best directory that gives businesses ultra-tools to advertise their items. It has extra event scheduler and advertisement tools. Interactive buttons that allow customers send emails directly to the business owners. There are 178 categories and also 115 locations in Switzerland French speaking cantons. It has two language services, both French and English, and hence one can register in two language at the same time. This help businesses to be discovered easily in both languages.

What is the major difference between the packages provided?

You will discover three offers.  The subscription are renewable in a monthly or annual  bases .  The Multi listing package is  3 months publicity stunt whereby businesses may  publicize for unlimited items simultaneously. Moreover, you can put together events and occasional parties.

How do I subscribe?

The steps to subscribe are stated in the submit your items page.  Simply, click on the registration or submit your items menu, and open an account. After login, you will get your admin panel where you can manage to add your items in to the website. 

Can I terminate or perhaps add more account?

Indeed you can discontinue at anytime. You may also create additional account without restriction as long as the username and the e-mail varies.

In case I have difficulties to publish my articles, items or unable to put events together, Can I get help?

We provide assistance to all and sortout technical problems, subsequently we provide assitance to discover the exciting features and essential capabilities of the theme. Furthermore, our website admins are online 24/7 to assist you. You can actually chat or even send mails to us  via messenger or using our contact form.

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