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Schilthorn – Take a Glimpse of What Paradise Actually Looks Like! written by: rinabanik

Schilthorn – Take a Glimpse of What Paradise Actually Looks Like! written by: rinabanik

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be in paradise? Well, it might seem to be a question that is not so practical. Nevertheless getting the essence of heaven on the earth itself would not be such a bad idea either. So, let us visit a place that will take you close to that surreal beauty of nature.

If you are visiting Switzerland you would surely get close to nature in its truest beauty and wonder. Schilthorn is one such place where you would be up close and personal with Mother Nature and have the experience of your lifetime. Located on the Bernese Alps, the summit of Schilthorn overlooks the beautiful valley of Lauterbrunnen.

If you are an adventurer in heart then it is possible for you to reach the summit and yes of course you will travel in a cable car that takes you up to the highest point from the village of Murren. While you are in this high summit, you would get a wonderful panoramic view of the other highest summits of the Bernese Alps that includes Jungfrau, Titlis, Eiger and others. While on the top you can get a picturesque view of the small village called Grindelwald too. Now, this is a point in your whole tour that you cannot afford to miss and thus staying on the top at the Schilthorn Hotel will be an experience worth remembering.

A Few Glimpses of What You Would Experience in Schilthorn Hotel

Now that you have made up your mind to take a break and give in to the Mother Nature for a few days let us see what you can experience at the hotel on the highest point of the summit. One of the best things about this trip to the hotel is that while you are ascending in a cable car, you will be able to view the top and the hotel from beneath. It is enthralling and exciting at the same time. The ride in the cable car is one of the longest and highest in the world. So, while riding you can see the picture perfect valley and mountains all around you inviting you with their arms spread.

The hotel is furnished with the most advanced amenities for its guests and you can have a panoramic view from their as well. What would excite you the most is its famous Piz Gloria restaurant which is a revolving restaurant that offers you a breathtaking 360 degrees view of the Bernese Alps. Piz Gloria is famous for its James Bond breakfast buffet that is not to be missed. While in the hotel you can take a look at the glacier pass of Jungfraujoch. The pass even has a railway station at that height. Well, to sum it up it is an extraordinary place to be in for a few days.

The top summit and the Schilthorn Hotel offer you the best hospitality. Apart from that being in the lap of the Mother Nature, gives you an opportunity to take a bird’s eye view of the all the top summits like Jungfrau, Monch, valley of Lauterbrunnen, village of Grindelwald and even a glacial pass of Jungfraujoch. With such an expanse of beauty all at once, you are sure to fall in love with the place over and over again.

If you are still not clear with the visuals of the hotel then you can watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huBmdpl9Tyg and get a better view of the place.


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