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Cailler Chocolate Factory – Taste, Experience and Plunge in the Unique World of Swiss Chocolates! written by: rinabanik

Cailler Chocolate Factory – Taste, Experience and Plunge in the Unique World of Swiss Chocolates! written by: rinabanik

Everybody loves chocolate and if it is about Swiss chocolates then the admiration and cravings just grow more and more. Switzerland happens to be the best and most popular destinations for all chocolate lovers around the world. If you are in Switzerland, you just cannot miss these delectable bars of sheer bliss that upsurges your happy hormones. Swiss chocolate brands are famous all over the world and they are exported almost in every country nowadays. However tasting these chocolates in its country is pure joy and the experience always remains unmatched. One of the most popular brands among the Swiss chocolates is the Lindt as you all know. However, one of the most famous and prestigious chocolate factories in Switzerland is the Cailler Chocolate Factory. So, let us take a sneak peek at this tempting place where the world’s greatest comfort food is made.

About the Cailler Chocolate Factory

Callier chocolates are the oldest brand of chocolates found in Switzerland that dates back to 1796, founded by François-Louis Cailler. The heritage of this fine chocolate brand stills continues to woo your senses in the right way setting your spirits high. Through all these centuries, the Callier chocolates have kept its legacy intact and secrets undisclosed.

So, would not it be a good idea to take a look at the factory where all these melt-in-your-mouth chocolates are made? Yes, it certainly will be and thus let us see what you get to experience when you visit the factory in Broc, Switzerland. You can find guided audio visual tours of the factory that helps you to know the history and legacy of the brand as well as how the chocolates are made using the latest machinery while keeping its originality. You may even take part in the workshops where you would learn to make fine chocolates and experiment different tastes of this comfort food. Chocolate truffles, milk chocolates, dark chocolates are some of the specialty of this elegant brand.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Factory

While you are planning a trip to this famous chocolate factory with your family and kids, take a look at this video  that takes you on a virtual tour of the factory up, close and personal. Kids would especially love the audio visual story that is narrated at the background of the guided tour. With all the pictures and the artefacts strewn all through the halls of the guided tour it actually becomes a real 18th century where you can feel the effects. It would be a sheer joy and wonder with this guided tour of the Callier chocolate factory and an experience worth remembering.

Whether it is Lindt or Callier, Swiss chocolate brands have captivated generations for centuries. A lot of Switzerland holidays offer this guided tour of the factory to make your trip to this country a memorable one. Being one of the most loved and feel good food that can take away your depression and can enliven your mood, Swiss chocolate remains to be one of the man made wonders.


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