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Le Bouveret – Enjoy the Mini Rail Rides at the Swiss Vapour Park! written by: rinabanik

Le Bouveret – Enjoy the Mini Rail Rides at the Swiss Vapour Park! written by: rinabanik

Are you planning a holiday with your family and kids? If yes then wouldn’t it be great if you take them away from the practical world to the paradise of fantasy? Yes, sure you can when you can take a trip to Le Bouveret. This small quaint town of Switzerland is located in the southernmost part of the Lake Geneva. The town is mainly famous for its amusement parks like the most famous Swiss Vapour Park and the Aquaparc and last but not the least an amazing experience with the rail Europe.

When you are visiting the amazing Vapour Park make sure that you are prepared for some fantasy fun and miniature rides. You will surely experience the rail journeys like never before! The park is situated near the shores of Lake Geneva giving a picturesque view of the lake itself. In an area of around 17,000 square meters, the park presents some of the most exciting model railway rides for the tourists. And that is not all, while chugging in the mini rails you get to see the miniature surroundings that include some of the most famous places and monuments of Switzerland. Some of these are the Church of Saanen, the Castle of Aigle, the Swiss Residence, the steam trains of the past, the Halls of Neuchâtel as well as the buildings of the Euro rail. It is a fascinating experience that only brings your childhood back once you enter this fantasy land.

A Sneak Peek of the Fantasy Land

Railway holidays happen to be one of the most perfect ways to spend your vacation with your kids and family. That is why Euro rail has been one of the most popular choices of going around Europe at all times. Chugging along in the mini rails through the narrow tracks, you will be fascinated to see the surroundings and even the small tunnels where you may need to duck your head for better. The miniature bridge and the chalets along your way make it a real fantasy. You get a glimpse of mini Switzerland when you are visiting the vapour park in Le Bouveret. Your kids will love it when the steam trains will cross the small hanging bridge on the lake. They would simply cherish every moment of these rail journeys during the years to come.

A wonder and joy for a lifetime, the Swiss Vapour Park will offer you with the most surreal rail holidays you have ever had undertaken earlier. The model railway town of the park and an essence of the rail Europe will mesmerize you and your family. All the miniatures in that fantasy land will conjure up to be a dream come true for your kids especially!

You can take a look at this video  to get a better picture of the Swiss Vapour Park and its rides. It is surely a perfect getaway for you and your family in the lap of the Swiss wonderland bringing in the fun and frolic in your life once again.


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