Yverdon les base or Yverdon – Come to the Natural Spa Town of Switzerland! written by: rinabanik

Yverdon-les-Bain, the town nestling between the Jura, Broye Hills and the Lake Neuenburg is a spa resort in the western Switzerland which is well known for its natural beauty. The Swiss paradise boosts of its thermal spa which is center for healing and relaxation. The medieval castles prove of the cultural heritage that has been […]

Montruex – Unveil the Beauty of Montreux with Your Presence written by: rinabanik

Have you seen paradise? Well, I did. It’s Montreux. This mesmerizing city has successfully attracted over thousands of people from different genres such as artists, travellers, men of letters and many others on a quest for peace, inspiration and serenity. Situated in Europe, this city has offered a lot more than just a place to […]